Our story

Our story

Presight was founded in 2020 with the three elements of successful start-ups: a bold vision, creative people, and a strong lineage.

We started as a call to action in a period of adversity and the 1st initiative following Abraham Accords 2020. We quickly grew into a valuable UAE-based start-up focusing on digital transformation through analytics-driven, cloud-first, AI-enabled solutions.

And this is just the beginning

We have developed transformative products that provide end-to-end analytics-driven, cloud-first, AI-enabled solutions for governments and large organizations in two years.

Today, we are in the Middle East, Asia and Africa, building future-ready AI solutions to transform real-world data into predictive actionable intelligence.

Our team of over 60 people includes domain specialists, operations experts, software developers, data scientists, R& D engineers and data analysts from different countries – all committed to operate with a "customers first" philosophy

We are working continuously to foster innovation through artificial intelligence and deep analytics across industries that will solve today's business problems and propel organisations forward.

We have more to share. Stay tuned!

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What we do

What we do

As a young, dynamic and knowledgeable company, we have developed transformative products/solutions which enable our customers to gain a stark competitive advantage by integrating AI and ML in their digital transformation.

We leverage data and drive intelligent workflows using AI, ML automation, cloud, and other digital technologies. We further calibrate the approach, framework, regulatory environment, and gaps to accelerate digital transformation based on the customer's technical readiness.

In the whole process, our customers are the custodian of their data, and we respect Data Sovereignty.

Presight revolutionises how our customers build and deploy AI/ML by combining the enterprise data foundation with our end-to-end AI/ML deployment infrastructure. We help our customers make the right strategic decision by turning that data into predictive actionable insights.

And, we don't stop there.

United in our vision to support our customers, Presight is pioneering new ways to engineer innovation and accelerate digital transformation for the future of work.

We co-create with our customers.

We use user-centric design, prototyping and an agile approach to develop our softwares. We engage with users in their specific work situations throughout any new solution development.

Our solutions design enables organisations to do what they really need to do by delivering an optimal user experience.

Our vision and mission

Our vision and mission


To be a global leader in driving Digital Transformation through the use of analytics and AI.


Deliver real-world impact by combining insights and foreknowledge to decision making. We aim to empower our customers to achieve more, make better decisions and augment overall performance with our future-ready AI, ML and predictive analytics solutions.