Our Platform and Solutions

Presight delivers a powerful platform of adaptive data acquisition, artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analytics modules that provides for rapid understanding of data sources, translating data into valuable insights that become core decision making frameworks for organizations.

Our cloud first solutions helps organizations organize large amount of information of numerous data types and sources, leverage analytics and applied AI to derive insights and create actionable intelligence to optimize decision making.

  • AI Assisted Data Annotation Platform

    Combining human intelligence at scale with state-of-the-art models to annotate all variety structured and unstructured raw data; including text, video, images and audio, to create the accurate ground truth needed to support critical Al operations.

  • Scalable
    Data Management

    Ingesting and transforming data without impacting performance or resource contention, particularly in the ability to ramp up data integration workloads without affecting the performance of analytical workloads in the data lake.

  • Batch and
    Streaming Data

    Supporting a wide range of data ingestion and integration options such as batch data loading and replication, as well as streaming ingestion and integration.

Presight understands big data requirements

Presight supports the mass collection, integration, and analysis of one of the largest variety of unstructured and unstructured data onto a single platform, providing a holistic single source of truth as the foundation data of your organization’s core decision-making framework.

  • Performance

    Supporting virtually all data available to a near unlimited number of users.

  • Efficiency

    Enabling efficient data exploration with instant & near-infinite scalability & concurrency.

  • Integrated &
    extensible Data

    Enabling efficient data exploration with instant & near-infinite scalability & concurrency. Streamlining data pipeline development for optimized performance. while maintaining pipelines scaling reliability and real time management of heavy workloads and extensible data transformation as needed.

Presight has been crisis-tested for performance that you can trust

Designed as a Cloud Native data transformation platform, Presight is designed to provide rapid data access and high query performance across all your digital assets and pipelines.

  • Unstructured Data

    • Speech Recognition
    • Image Recognition
    • Optical Character Recognition
    • Video Analytics

  • Text Analytics

    • Entity Extraction
    • Event Extraction
    • Sentiment Analysis
    • Geotagging
    • Categorization
    • Text Mining

  • Applications

    • Social Media Analysis
    • Profiling
    • Intelligence Analysis
    • Anti-Money Laundering
    • Know your target
    • Fraud Detection
    • Pandemic Analytics

Presight understands the AI needs of the MENA and Central Asia

Our repository of Al competencies that are customized for the MENA and Central Asia region surpasses all available platforms today. These Al methods and algorithms solve not just repetitive mechanical activities but the most complex of challenges taking in alongside human wisdom.