Foreknowledge of an event, a form of extrasensory perception, driven by data, AI and technology

  • Crisis tested and hardened platform for analytics-driven and predictive decision making

  • The most experienced team of Big Data and AI professionals in the Middle East

  • The most trusted Data Analytics and AI platform that understands your challenges and respects Data Sovereignty

  • Most comprehensive and adaptive web intelligence and visual intelligence coverage to sharpen prediction and action plans

  • Most extensive MENACA region adapted NLP modules and AI Competency modules available in the region

More than a Platform

Delivering a powerful suite of adaptive data acquisition, artificial Intelligence, machine learning and data analytics

Platform & Modules

Modules that provides for rapid understanding of data sources, translating data into valuable insights that becomes core decision making frameworks for organizations.





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Trailblazing the use of big data and AI technology towards a better future


Presight leverages Big Data techniques to deliver cutting-edge AI solutions

Working with industries and government organizations to solve critical challenges from improving public health and safety to reshaping urban and digital transformation policies.

Client stories

Presight’s smart pandemic management platform for the UAE government to tap on Big Data and running artificial intelligence algorithms that resulted in swift action by the authorities allowing for strategic and critical decision making in the management to prevent outbreaks, saved lives and allow the UAE to maintain open orders, welcoming visitors from 45 countries since mid-June 2020.